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    Publish time 2016-06-28 15:21    
Automatic door AD-002

Characteristics and functions

1/ Driving devices works with low noise, reliable performance, safety and brings living and working environment more convenience.

2/ Incase of meeting obstactes or personnel during operation, the door will be opened to reverse direction.

3/ Innovation in mechanical design offers fast and effective installation.

4/ With sensors control, safety beam protection interfaces, configurate electric lock, power output intrface.

5/ Wireless remote open mode is optional. When necessary. please to configurate back up power for security requirements.

6/ It can realize the interlock function between door and door.
Technical Data
Door configuration: Single leaf
Limited Weight: ≤1*100kg
Door leaf width: ≤1200mm
Power voltage: AC 220V±10%, 50-60Hz
                       AC 220V±10%, 50-60Hz
Power consumption: 50W
Opening speed: 250-450mm/S (adjustable)
Closing speed: 250-450mm/S (adjustable)
Opening time: 3-7S (adjustable)
Hold-open time: 1-30S (adjustable)
Manual force: 〈30N
Swinging noise: *55Db
Environment temperture

What we have?

1) Decoration hardware: 
Floor spring series
Door closer series
Glass door clamp series
Glass door handle series
Glass door lock series
Banister series
Bathroom glass clamp series
Bathroom connector series
Water prevention series
Hanging wheel series
Automatic door series
Shower room series
Sliding door series

2) Furniture hardware: 
Drawer slide series
Concealed hinge series
Gas spring series
Hinge series
Furniture lock series
Furniture handle series
Furniture leg series
Castor series

What we can assure for you?

1. Consistent & Uniform quality of products throughout the Merchandise.

2. Shipments well within the time agreed between us.

3. Most competitive prices justifying our products quality.

4. Large Production capacity to meet your enhanced demand of products at any point of time.

5. Development of new products on the basis of your own design, specifications or samples exclusively for you.